Traffic Calming

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Your Role

Traffic conditions on residential streets can affect neighborhood livability. When streets are safe and pleasant, the quality of life is enhanced. When traffic problems become a daily occurrence, livability can be diminished. Citizen involvement is an important part of all traffic calming projects.  Whether you are walking, biking or driving to get around the city, NTMP has tips to make your trip safer.

The City of Dallas want you to have the knowledge and power to make each day as safe as possible. Please share this information with friends, family, and coworkers. By creating a network of citizens of Dallas who are all engaged and educated on street safety, and who prioritize sharing the street, we can create a Dallas where injuries and fatalities on the road do not exist. The people who live and work in the project area have the opportunity to become actively involved in the process.

You can help by reducing speed or traveling by bus or bicycle instead of automobile. Crashes are preventable and it takes all of us to make our streets safer. It takes a commitment of time and energy, and the ability to consider diverse points of view. Together, we can make a difference.

For information on how avoid risky driving, please visit the website provided by U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway TrafficSafety Administration