Dallas Bikeway System

Planning & Neighborhood Vitality

Existing Dallas Bike Plan Map

This series of maps represents the legacy 1985 Greater Dallas Bike Plan on-street route system that remains largely in place throughout the City. This route system was designed by Dallas area cyclists working in conjunction with the City of Dallas, and is intended both as a bicycle commuter tool for vehicular cyclists, as well as a guide for recreational cyclists.

This system is a numbered grid of East/West and North/South routes, shown on the map in differing colors. The East/West routes are three digit numbers, starting with Bike Route 1OO in the southern part of the city and ending with Bike Route 370 in the north. The North/South routes are one and two digit numbers, starting with Bike Route 1 in the west, running through Bike Route 99 in the east.

The Dallas Bike Route Signs are 14X24", white on blue with a bicycle symbol or the older “Pegasus on Wheels” logo. They have a route number, a directional arrow, and N, E, S, or W following the number to indicate the ultimate direction that you are traveling. The signs are placed on the right side of the street, sometimes freestanding although usually in conjunction with other signage. They are located intermittently along the routes, but are always present where the route changes direction.