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Who May Apply for a Monitoring Well License:

A person or entity that desires to install monitoring wells in City of Dallas rights-of-way must obtain a license.

Your Request Must Include:

  1. a signed letter requesting a monitoring well license and indicating
    1. the number of wells to be licensed and
    2. the monitoring well entity and the owner and mailed (or delivered) to:

      Ashley Eubanks
      Assistant Director
      Public Works, Real Estate Division

      320 East Jefferson Boulevard, Suite 203
      Dallas, Texas 75203
  2. a non-refundable application fee of $750 payable to the City of Dallas.
  3. a plat or detailed drawing on 8.5"X11" paper indicating the proposed location(s) of the monitoring well(s).

Steps to Process Request:

  1. Request is reviewed, file is established, and response forms are sent to the appropriate City departments, public utilities and telecommunication franchisees. (2 days)
  2. Responses are completed and returned to the Real Estate Division stating any special requirements and/or conditions. (15 days)
  3. License fee is determined and the license agreement is drafted. A $1000 fee is charged per well. The application fee of $750 is applied to the first year license fee. Invoices for subsequent years will be sent in November and are due by January 2nd for the year in advance. (1 day)
  4. Proposed license agreement is reviewed by Real Estate Manager. (1-2 days)
  5. Duplicate license agreements, a "No Conflict of Interest" Statement and a request for the balance of the license fee and required insurance certificate are sent to requestor. ( day)
  6. Both license agreements are reviewed and signed (but not dated) by the requestor and returned with requested documents and fee balance. (X days)
  7. Verification that requestor has no outstanding city taxes, fines, fees or code violations. Insurance certificates required by any and all city departments must be current. The Assistant Director then signs, dates and returns one original approved license agreement. (1-2 days)

**The layout above indicates the boundaries for each monitoring well license. ​​​

**The layout above indicates the boundaries for each monitoring well license. Beginning at the center of any intersection where Street A intersects Street B (example above) any number of wells may be licensed in: rights-of-way of Streets A & B outward in four directions until a cross street is encountered as indicated by the hatched area; and other city property (including alleys) that are located in the adjacent quadrants as indicated by the sections marked 1-4.

This procedural outline details only the steps required for the completion of a routine request. At each step, problems can be encountered that delay or​ terminate the process.​

For additional information, please call: 214-948-4100 or Fax (214) 948-4083 or (214) 948-4118.