Unclaimed Property

Did you forget to pick up money the City owes you, such as a water deposit refund or a payroll or vendor check? The City Controller's Office (CCO) may have your unclaimed cash.

CCO strives to connect the rightful owners with the money that belongs to them. It is not the City's cash to keep. But we need your help to make this happen!

Several thousand names are on the unclaimed property list. These are people or businesses that have either failed to request money owed to them or for whom we have incomplete or inaccurate contact information. Each is owed $100 or less. In accordance with state law, any amount over $100 is sent to the State Comptroller where it is held until claimed.  Companies and municipalities send abandoned property to the state as required.

Click below to find out if your name is on the list.

Steps to claim listed property:

  • Click on the first link below to view the list.
  • Find your name in our unclaimed property database.
  • Fill out and send in a claim form and supporting documentation establishing your right to receive the property.

City of Dallas Unclaimed Funds Listings (Files are Adobe PDFs; use Ctrl+F or Command+F to search)

State of Texas Database (Search the database by name)

What to do if you find property on our list:

If you find your name or are an interested party for someone on the list, please print and submit the form below to claim your funds.

Before sending in the form, remember to:

  1. Answer all questions and fill in all blanks.
  2. Supply photocopies of required documentation.
  3. Sign and date the form.

If questions arise while processing your claim, a CCO employee will contact you by phone or letter.

Did you find your name and don't know what the money is for?

Many of the names on our list are from checks returned to the City as undeliverable. Most of these are refunds for water and sewer account deposits that were mailed after the account holder moved without noting a forwarding address. Please provide old addresses, which we can use to match the claimant name with our records.

Why do we ask for proof of your Social Security Number?

We cannot require you send us this number, but it might be the only way we can match your name to a water and sewer account. To the extent provided by law, the Social Security Number provided is confidential.

Can't see the claim forms?

To view the listed claim forms, you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you do not have this free program, click here to download it.

Is there a charge for making or receiving a claim?

There is no charge to make a claim.

What is the maximum fee a search firm can charge?

Texas law limits the fee charged by all search firms or private investigators that assist owners in locating and claiming abandoned property to no more than 10% of the amount recovered.

Unclaimed Property Forms (Adobe PDF):