City Manager


Office Loc​​ation

Dallas City Hall
1500 Marilla Street
Room 4CN
Dallas, TX 75201

Main Phone
(214) 670-3390

Sr. Projects Coordinator 
Marisol Garza
(214) 671-5013

Josie Mendoza
(214) 670-3390


Chief of Economic Development and Neighborhood Services

Raquel Favela


​​    Raquel Favela has over two decades of experience working with government at the municipal, state and federal levels. 

Bridging the silos of management, strategic planning, and economic development, Raquel Favela has helped cities do more with less. 

In 2007, the nation’s oldest national non-profit consulting firm to governmental entities put out the search for a dynamic leader with a strong background with the inner workings of city government to be their next Central Regional Team Director. 

In a highly competitive field of distinguished applicants, the firm tapped Favela to lead their group. 

For ten (10) years, Ms. Favela’s role was to provide strategic direction for clients’ priority community development projects resulting in the creation of jobs and housing options throughout the country.  

Her unique brand of expertise and skills along with her long-range planning acumen for projects is exactly the antidote clients craved for problem-solving. Often, when there was a project that needed to be completed with a short timeline or rather the opposite, a project that is behind schedule, her name rose to the top of those who get the job done. 

As a trusted advisor to local, state and federal government leaders, she has an extensive client portfolio of cities, counties, housing authorities and federal agencies with a results-oriented track record. She has exceptional knowledge of all aspects of local government, state and federal tools and is a nationally recognized expert in housing and economic development. 

As Chief of Economic Development and Neighborhood Services,  Favela oversees the departments of Planning & Urban Design, Housing & Neighborhood Revitalization, Sustainable Development & Construction and Economic Development.