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​Security Alarm Permit​

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A security alarm permit is required if you have a security alarm that is audible and/or monitored to provide police response. The annual permit fee is $50 for a residence and $100 for a business permit.

​A permitted alarm site is allowed three free false burglar alarms in a twelve-month period. The 4th, 5th and 6th false burglar alarms are $50, 7th and 8th false burglar alarms are $75 while the 9th+ are $100 each. All Panic/Hold-up false alarms for a residence are $100. The 1st Business Panic/Hold-up false alarm is $100, 2nd is $200, 3rd is $300 while 4th+ are $400 each.

Mail completed application and permit fee payable to:

​City of Dallas
Security Alarms​
​P.O. Box 139076
Dallas, Texas 75313-9076

​​​To receive your alarm permit number immediately, bring the completed permit application and permit fee to the Special Collections Section, 1500 Marilla​ Street, Room 2DS, Monday – Friday from 8 am – 5 pm excluding holidays.  ​For additional information or assistance in completing this application, please call the Special Collections Section at (214) 670 3438.                                                              ​