Dallas Arborist

​Dallas Arborist

​City of Dallas Arborists

Your City of Dallas Arborists work in Building Inspection, a division of the Sustainable Development and Construction Department. They are responsible for enforcing Article X, the Landscape and Tree Preservation Ordinance. The Arborists review landscape plans, verify tree surveys, perform landscape inspections, and investigate illegal tree removals. They are also available to consult with developers and architects on the best methods of preserving trees on construction sites.

Oak Cliff Municipal Center
320 E. Jefferson Blvd., Room 105
Dallas, TX 75203

Building Inspection
(214) 948-4480
District Maps

Phil Erwin
Chief Arborist
(214) 948-4117

Tina Standeford
SE District Arborist
(214) 948-4484

Clay Walker
SW District Arborist
(214) 948-4471

Preston Willms
NE District Arborist

Jessie Farris
NW District Arborist
(214) 948-4172

Kevin Thompson
Express (Q-Team) Arborist
(214) 948-4646

Cassandra Fisher
Express (Q-Team) Arborist
(214) 948-5375